#Lumia1520Story competition, and the winner is…

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Over the past two weeks, I have been playing around with the amazing new Nokia Lumia 1520. As a PC user, this Windows enabled phone/tablet has been everything I possibly need device wise.

While I have been documenting sporting stories on my new technology touch point, readers of TheBounce have been sharing their own stories with us, all in an effort to win R1 000 cash. Time now to announce the winner…

TheBounce’s weekend sports preview – 17th April.

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It’s the looong weekend! With Easter being the reason for slowing down the economy this time, we have immense sugar rushes to look forward to, and you guessed it, a fair amount of sport too.

Full menu of SupeRugby, some dishy football too, and if you are so inclined, even some T20!

Unlike your Easter Egg hunt though, our preview shows you everything, so let’s dig in.

SA’s Biggest Loser is…

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No, I’m not talking about a chubster who suddenly discovered self control and self tan. I am of course talking about Fikile Mbalula, officially South Africa’s Biggest Loser.

Up until now he has had some stiff competition from fellow comrades of his political circus, but this past week he has well and truly made the title his own.

Win a trip to the Belgian Grand Prix with Shell Helix!

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The competitions just keep getting bigger and better here on TheBounce this year, as it with great delight that I inform you that 6 tickets to the prize above in big bold letters are up for grabs!

You love your car? You love F1? Well read on and see how by interacting with us and Shell Helix could get you track side like never before.

Simon Magakwe and how Usain Bolt got into running the 100.

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In 1968, Willie Heinz became the first man to officially break the famed 10 second barrier in the 100m sprint. It was a landmark moment in athletics, but up until this past Saturday, a South African athlete had never managed to achieve the feat. Step up Simon Magakwe.

9.98 seconds! This makes him one of the most elite athletes of all time, and naturally makes you think of how he compares with the 9.58 man Usain Bolt. Short answer is that he doesn’t, no disrespect intended of course, but Bolt is something extra special, and so is the story on how he became a 100m legend.

TheBounce’s Best of the Weekend – April 14th.

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What promised to be an action packed finish to the greatest tournament in golf, dibbled out to an anticlimactic victory for Bubba Watson.

The heart-stopping action from the weekend though, came in the form of English Football, with some thrilling SupeRugby results close behind.

Missed anything over the weekend – the following is essential reading for you!

The SuperSport 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Infographic – oh wow!

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61 days, 13 hours… and less and less minutes as I write this until the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ begins in Brazil!

If you aren’t fortunate enough to be heading to the land of samba to see the greatest football showcase in the world, no worries, with SuperSport, it will be like you are there anyway.

And now for an incredible infographic