Week three of sub four minute mile training

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Week three and the progress is easy, well not quite but progress in my goal of emulating Roger Banister and breaking the four minute mile is happening all the same. Last week finished strong with an improved time over my 3.7km course of 16 min 20 secs. Week three and with a general ease to my strides and what seems like an abundance of breathe compared to week one, I decided to push it a bit and see what time I could do (well that was one reason, the other being that I finally worked out how to reset my stopwatch and could actually record a time!).

Go on son!!

I ran like never before on a cool Tuesday evening and to my obvious delight, recorded a time of 15 min 20 secs, a full minute faster than last week! My stomach felt like it was about to explode and the burn in the lungs was a bit more lively than normal, but I felt like a whole different kind of fit and it felt great. I managed to run the rest of the week in sub 15:30 times which I think is respectable for my current ability. Miles off where I need to be, but once again the feeling of progress, though slight, is a good feeling.

Progress so far has been steady

It was the long weekend and weekend three of the no drinking thing. Friday went smoothly but Saturday was particularly difficult in that I played cricket in a ‘Last Man Stands’ game with a great bunch of guys. Social cricket is of course familiar ground for the odd cold one, but alas I stayed true to my pledge and refrained. Ginger beer over the Stormers match was my sad cancellation prize, a sorry situation made worse by a foot injury caused from clearly being a touch over zealous in the cricket spikes. I appear to have strained the underside of my foot around the ball, minor injury but enough to prevent me from a Sunday morning run.

So with sore foot and the Parkhurst street party to enjoy, it was time for some draught beer. Good call I thought as if I have one more lime and soda I think I will vomit. Funny thing about the drinking again after three weeks was that I actually didn’t enjoy it. Not because I felt guilty about breaking my pledge but the general drinking thing just didn’t feel right – it almost felt forced.

oh alright , if you insist.

Two beers cool, anymore and it just feels excessive. I have decent will power so a couple beers now and again won’t hurt my cause. Besides, I’m sure substituting beer for soft drinks is worse for you anyway. All that sugar – not a good idea.

And so concludes week three, so keen to get onto the track soon but I still have a fair amount to go on the road before I unleash myself onto the hallowed turf of the 400m elongated circle which is a constant focus of my free thoughts.

The hard yards make up a mile - bring it!!

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