Minki for Playboy SA.

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Last week saw the launch of Playboy magazine in South Africa, a newsworthy happening if there ever was one. And to kick things off in style the lovely Tracy McGregor bared all to start the bar off high with regards to local talent.

So who is next you ask? Well for me there is only one girl that will be both a popular choice as well as a real score for the magazine. I am of course talking about none other than Minki van der Westhuizen.

The epitome of a home grown South African beauty, Minki is, and forever will be, a favourite here at TheBounce. In fact if there were a poll for the ultimate Bounce girl of all time, it would be a fiercely contested race between her and the Keeley Hazel. Anyway, let’s not get distracted here, the real reason for this post is to encourage Minki to get back into the spotlight and become a SA Playboy Playmate.


I think an open letter is the most appropriate method in order to get the ball rolling here.

Dear Minki

As a big fan and admirer, I am confident that I speak on behalf of nearly all South African men when I say you have been gone for way to long. I appreciate that your priorities may have changed in life and that you wanted to pursue other avenues, but the bottom line is that you are still totally hot and have the ability to bring sunshine to a cloudy day.

We were all lucky enough to see you in a variety of FHM, GQ and Sports Illustrated Swimwear publications, and slightly more recently in things such as the Marie Clare naked issue and Shape magazine (apparently, I didn’t buy either mag, I just heard about it). With such an impressive portfolio, I can understand if you are of the attitude that you have ‘been there and done that’, but as of last week a whole new avenue opened up for you to explore.

I am of course talking about the South African Playboy, a plush and premium mens magazine which is just perfect for a woman of your caliber. Sure the concept of going nude may be a little new for you, but you are a pro and judging by those leaked photos of you in the bath tub, it is fair to say that you have already given it some thought.

Tracy McGregor has laid down the bench mark by being the first celeb to grace the local magazine, she is hot but she is certainly no you. So I ask that you do the magazine and your country proud and step forward for the role. If you do, it will be the biggest thing to hit the SA press since the Springboks winning the World Cup in ’95. You will forever go down in the archives of South African history as one of our most celebrated beauties, providing you the peace of mind that you enhanced the lives of hundreds of thousands of your fellow country men in the process.

If you are a bit hesitant and require an extra bit of moral support, I will only be too happy to lend a hand and escort you to the shoot. For such a noble cause I would even be prepared to have drinks with you afterwards, nothing too late of course, my Monday to Fridays are usually quite full. So Minki in short, get your people speaking to Playboy’s people and let’s make this happen – your country will be forever grateful.

Yours sincerely


* You too can pledge your support to get Minki into Playboy by dropping me a mail – ben@thebounce.co.za. I will post the best submissions.

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