The Bounce salutes cleavage in sport.

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Happy National Cleavage day all. Yes on this fine Friday we celebrate all that bounces and the coming together of the greatness that is the cleavage.

National pride - hells yeah.

Here on TheBounce, the lovely lady lumps are right up there with Dale Steyn steaming in with the new ball in hand, the Springboks knocking over the All Blacks and Charl Schwartzel putting on a green jacket. So it is only fitting that we showcase our admiration appropriately  and highlight the wonderful addition that cleavage has been to professional sport.

Sadly our female athletes who compete on the highest stage aren’t really designed to pack a lot of bounce. Not to worry though as there are always…

…hot Japanese baseball girls.

Then there is the sport of tennis where there was always a fair amount of eye candy when I was in high school. It may have tapered off a bit with racket in hand, but then there are…Sexy Ball Girls!

Yeah – Deuce indeed.

I have never really been a fan of any sport that required petrol, until I noticed Formula 1 girls…

Nascar girls...

…and of course those angels who hold the umbrellas in the Superbike races. The ample spectacles of good cleavage are not just reserved for the alternative sports though, we also have…Cheerleaders in cricket…

…and in rugby.

But what really warms the heart the most is knowing that on the sidelines, the fans themselves are getting behind their teams and making the world a better place to love sport in with their own welcomed offerings.

Have a great National Cleavage day all and enjoy the weekend of sport ahead.

* TheBounce will not be held responsible for any injuries incurred before, during or post the act of motor boating – please motor boat responsibly.

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