Cheers to the Castle Lager Tri-Nations.

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It was announced yesterday that Castle Lager have signed a five-year associate sponsorship deal with the Springboks and with that the Tri-Nations will now be known as the Castle Lager Tri-Nations Series. Oregan Hoskins, the tall SARU suit who always speaks solemnly, announced this at a glitzy press gathering at the SAB World of beer in Newtown, Johannesburg.

Announcements - awesome.

Okay, maybe glitzy isn’t the right word, but it was my first ever press conference so I am going to talk it up like any one of a Fast and Furious movies.

The sweet Castle Superfan bakkies greeted us on arrival, P Divvy was posing for photos, John Smit was wowing the sponsors, JP Pietersen was there, a Ndungane was there and a whole bunch of other people with big cameras and smart suits along with Bob Skinstad who was the MC for the event.

But enough with the name dropping and formalities, it was pretty much all about the sponsorship stuff naturally, which though fundamental to sport, is pretty drab and boring. Bob then made a few humorous references about how Castle and rugby goes well together and then it was into a brief Q & A. This immediately perked my attention as I prepared myself to see the Divster in action – live!

Twitpic of the Divster and I.

It was not to be however, John Smit did the talking on behalf of the team and naturally spoke well as Bob raised the topic of what the impact would be for the Boks playing the high-intensity tournament so close to the World Cup. That was that really, then it was off to lunch in the courtyard as proper press conducted one on one interviews with the big shots present.

New logo - very nice.

The new logo for the tournament was not only unveiled at the event, but also proudly displayed on limited edition beers produced for the event. Nice touch that and one which reinforces how suitable Castle Lager is as a sponsor of the Boks. Beer and Bokke – Nice.

My guns - frightening the life out of John Smit.

Look out for the Castle Lager Springbok Superfan competition in your city. Scrum a bakkie and you could go to New Zealand!

Picked up these pearlers on Twitter during the event:

@Sportbilly101: If a try is scored near the touchline, The Bros (Warren Brosnihan) has to yell out, “Over in Castle Corner”.

@DjMager7: Does this mean that Joel is now a supporter to the last drop?

@Si_Schalk: “Crouch, touch, pause, engage” replaced by “it all, comes together, with a Castle.”

@Runningflyhalf: All the forwards will be forced to grow facial hair called ‘beerds’.

@Runningflyhalf: Barley Swart now to be brought out of retirement.

@Sportbilly101: When asked who is man of the match, Naas Botha has promised to say, “Charles.”

@Sportbilly101: So Windhoek have the Windhoek Rugby Club. Castle have the Castle Tri-Nations #winning

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