Sorry folks – Tiger ain’t coming back.

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Yesterday news broke that Tiger Woods will also not be at The Open next week as he continues to struggle with his leg injury that has (along with his previously loose belt buckle) seen him slump to 17th in Golf’s world rankings.

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He will naturally play again soon as his injury is not a career ending one, but the Tiger that we know and could not help but be in awe of in days gone by will never be back.

Now I’m not saying that for effect, it’s just that the winning machine that was Tiger Woods has broken down and there is nothing on this planet that can fix it. No amount of golfing tuition, practice time, promiscuous hotel room sex or ex-wife forgiveness will do it – Tiger is simply done and this is why.


Tiger was pretty much invincible for a long stretch of his career. He had a presence that no sports star has ever possessed and his fearless belief in his game resulted in magnificent wins even when he was off his game. What made him invincible though? Sure the guy was rather good at hitting a golf ball, but every pro golfer is, Tiger saw victory as a certainty – not a best case scenario. He was able to do so because everything in his life was like that; he wanted it, he got it – simple as that. He lived in a bubble of perfect where he lived above reality and was completely untouchable. What he wanted he got, literally, and when everything in your life goes that way – you bet winning golf tournaments can quite easily follow suit.

In the zone - lookin' to bone.

As we all know he clearly applied this to women, and the endless string of lovers that came out of the woodwork after his wife tried to power fade his head with a 9-iron showed that Tiger was always winning. Now though, Tiger is nothing more than a mortal, a regular guy like you and I who has shit to deal with everyday that takes his mind off solely winning. He is flawed, people know he lies, his failings in marriage are public and he has to start a lot of things from scratch again. It didn’t take long for us all to realize that Tiger doesn’t do ‘normal’ too well, and his behaviour on the course alone shows that he ain’t going to bounce back from this.

Winning is no longer a certainty, but rather a best case scenario and this is why Tiger will never be back in the way we want him to be. He may win again, but Jack’s record of 18 Majors is safe, and I bet the old boy has a little chuckle each and every day knowing this is true.

Ha ha - you're done.

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