Hey Steve Williams, cry me a river.

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Tiger announced another break up this week when he told his long serving caddy Steve Williams that ‘it’s not you, it’s me’. Now like all break ups there is naturally a wounded party, and after carrying Tiger’s bag for 13 of his 14 Major titles it was obvious that Williams would be the bitch here.

This is hard for me too Steve...

But boy has he started to whine like one since taking the news. He said that he has now lost all respect for Tiger and that the former world no.1 would have to earn it back again over time. After the initial sex scandal broke, Williams told Tiger that he would have to earn his respect back again and that he was very disappointed in him. Have to earn his respect? Really Steve Williams, you carry the guys golf bag !?! Sure caddies make up an important cog in a golfing partnership, but you essentially carry his bag and pace a few yardages out and you think you can tell the guy you have no respect for him? Who talks to their boss like that?

Williams then crapped on further about how he has wasted the last two years of his life as he ‘stuck with Tiger through thick and thin.’ Thick and thin? You made more than $20 million off the guy you dildo, where else would you ever have made that money !?! If Williams’ had earned that much money as a pro golfer, he would sit roughly 32nd on the PGA all time money list. And that’s as a golfer, not a caddy.

I love you like I love my V8s Tiger - I know, I'm the reason you have them...

So tough shit Steve, Tiger doesn’t want you on the bag anymore. But how about you stop moaning like a little bitch, as his ex-wife and all his alleged lovers said less than you – and they were actually fucked by Tiger!

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