WitnessHistory Tour day 2 – Captain’s Run at Eden Park.

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Saturday and day two of our epic WitnessHistory tour to the land of the long white cloud. The cloud was nowhere to be seen yesterday, but we woke up this morning to see that it was and it had called it’s mates too! No matter though, with much to do, it was up early again for another day of excitement.

After a big night at Eden Park for the Bronze Final, we made a bit of a slow start but with a leisurely trip to take in the stunning surrounds, we were quickly up for anything that Auckland could lay on for us. That ‘anything’ was a proper Maori cultural experience at the Auckland Museum. We weren’t sure what to expect really, but what was delivered was well impressive!

From the guys with the protruding tongues, it was then back to the rugby and back to Eden Park where we were given a brilliant stadium tour and got to witness the French Captain’s Run.

It was amazing to see what goes into preparing a stadium and what changes as they progress from the pool stages to the knockout stages to the finals. We also got to hang out in the press area and, and, got to pose with the MasterCard Man of the Match award for the final.

After having a belting time at Eden Park last night, I simply cannot wait to Witness Histroy tomorrow night for the final. It is a sellout, it is going to be the biggest sporting day ever here in New Zealand and I will be taking it all in for you while it happens. All Blacks for the win!

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