Week 2 of the Virgin Active/Pierre Spies Challenge.

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2 down – 10 to go. Things are looking good so far in my 12 week challenge where Virgin Active turns me from Sports Fan to Sports Man in my quest to beat Pierre Spies’ time in the challenge that he popularized last year. It sounds like a big ask, but I’m very motivated to become a whole lot healthier this winter, and with my trusty (and even more motivated) trainer Dom putting me through my paces, I reckon I got this. Well, that’s what I say now…

I train with Dom three times each week at the Sandton Virgin Active, a mere 700 meters from where I call home. The focus is on breaking down the Pierre Spies Challenge, and then strengthening and physically equipping me accordingly. It’s great because I’m doing a wonderful variety of strength and core exercises muddled into things that boost my stamina and explosive power. Cardio bores me intensely and building muscle just isn’t my thing – so I have found a brilliant happy medium here. Most importantly, this is a way of training that is fun, gives great results and can be incorporated into my lifestyle going forward. Sounds like someone is winning here, but enough of the technical stuff, here’s an example of a circuit that Dom had me doing this week on top of our general strengthening sessions.

It may look pretty easy, but remember I have come off a base of only doing the occasional run here and there. Some of these movements are rather foreign to me, but the great thing about having a trainer is that he teaches you the techniques, you then have the confidence to do the exercises and more importantly, enjoy them. Last week I was gushing with enthusiasm about starting this thing, and I can happily say that that enthusiasm has only grown since then. But what does trainer Dom think?

Bring on week 3!

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