Week 3 of the Virgin Active/Pierre Spies Challenge.

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The honeymoon is certainly over in my 12 week challenge where I intend to beat Pierre Spies’ time in his Virgin Active Challenge at the end of it. In the first two weeks we were doing stuff to develop basic strength and conditioning towards the challenge. As someone that hasn’t been in a gym in over 8 years (other than to buy a smoothie), it was all kind of novel and fun, but in week three stuff started getting a whole lot more real!

The sports fan to sports man efforts this week centered around tackling free weights and a range of exercises that left no muscle unworked. Yup, a fair amount of stiffness followed, but thanks to trusty trainer Dom it was nothing drastic as we are concentrating on correct technique at all times and using full range of motion with each exercise.  So often people start gym, give it a good go but then after a week or two just don’t return because of the stiffness or even injury. This is of course not to say Dom isn’t pushing me to a healthy limit, I have just 12 weeks to beat a physical fitness icon in a challenge that requires strength, flexibility and stamina – workout time is therefore very much go time! Of the three sessions I do each week at the Sandton Virgin Active with Dom, two are focused on full body strength exercises, the third an ever changing circuit focusing on elements needed for the actual challenge. With great progress being made in the first two weeks, Dom included some basic kettle bell drills this week which my legs were naturally very grateful for… (this was the third circuit by the way hence my near exhaustion)

Despite all the sweat and exhaustion that comes with these exercises, they are actually still a load of fun. The discomfort you feel of being out of breath or trying to move muscles that appear to have turned to jelly is so temporary. The amazing post workout feeling though, well that lasts way longer and makes everything so worth it. At the end of next week I shall post some figures showing the progress we have made so far such as body measurements, weights used in exercise etc etc, but we are also going to start doing a few other measurable tests each week to further illustrate progress. Like push ups in a minute:

So that’s that for another great week (42 push ups by the way). Have a happy healthy weekend!

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