So you think you can SARU – our winner.

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Last week in the wake of SARU ‘clarifying’ matters with regards to who plays in next year’s SupeRugby tournament, I thought we should play a little game called ‘So you think you can SARU’

I invited you to mail me solutions to how we can fix this troublesome situation once and for all, and after wading through literally endless suggests (7 in total), I think I have found a winner.

Our winning entry came in from one @MikeSharman who suggested the following:

It’s quite simple really.You have tee’d up the solution in your very post – It’s a Dance Off. Reality programme housed in MNET stable – more bucks for the channel, a supplementary income to the Idols phenomenon, even ProVerb can host it.

So you think you can SARU takes a Kings 22 and pits them against a Lions 22, they compete in pairs, so the season lasts for 22 weeks, hell throw in the coaches and we can have a bonus round of who gets to lead the charges.

I personally would love to see Mitchell doing headspins. I believe he’s an expert already. It will be a uniquely SA reality show, the ratings will be phenomenal and the hand eye co-ords will be greatly improved for the following season of SupeRugby.

Spin that shit John.

Makes sense to me. A John Mitchell headspin would do wonders for this particular dilemma right now and is certainly no worse than anything SARU has proposed. Well done Mike, straight to SARU for you, your executive office is waiting.

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