Friday Flashback – Aussie pace legend Brett Lee.

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The big talk going into the much anticipated SA vs Aus Test series is of course all around pace bowling. The best in the business are going to go toe to toe, something that made me think back to the now retired Brett Lee. The current guys are quick and all a little scary in their own rights, but Lee was ‘soil yourself quick’, and today we look back on that.

Yes, he ruined his street cred by trying to be a Bollywood actor/singer, but in his prime he was a menace with the ball and was genuinely good at hitting batsman. Aint that right Piers Morgan…

Breaking bad – Can England bring the Walter White out of Gary Kirsten?

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I recently finished watching the Emmy Award winning Breaking Bad series. Unlike the Wolf of Wall Street, or James Anderson, it more than lived up to its hype and I found it most brilliant.

The reason I bring it up here, is because I’m seeing some clear similarities between the lead character of the show, Walter White, and that of cricket coach supremo, Gary Kirsten.


Who’s your choice for King Kallis’ Test replacement?

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Naturally there will never be an actual ‘replacement’ for Jacques Kallis in the Proteas Test team. Thinking there is, is like kicking Kate Upton out of bed because you think you will find another girl just like her on the way to work.

But someone needs to come in for him, and that offers up a multitude of team dynamics worth discussing. So let’s see if we can decide on the replacement in time for the Aussie tour.

Friday Flashback – The legendary Allan Donald.

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2013 saw two gigantic Test career’s come to an end. King Kallis said farewell with a century against the BCCI XI, and Sachin Tendulkar said farewell against the West Indies in a BCCI arranged tribute Test.

While the world heaped praise on both of them, I couldn’t help but think of other past legends. A personal favourite being none other than Allan ‘White Lightening’ Donald.