The Korma Chameleons – the world’s sexiest rugby team.

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Last year at the Cape Town Tens, I played for a team called the Korma Chameleons in their debut year. Led by the Arnold Geerdts of the Hash tag generation, Derek Alberts, the side has evolved since then into quite simply the sexiest sports outfit since Brazilian girls decided to play volleyball on the beach.

Be sure to follow Derek Alberts on Twitter @DerekAlberts1. Here you can apply for a Korma Chameleons trial, get info on purchasing Korma Chameleons mechandise, or simply request a signed smile from the man himself.

Rugby like you have never seen it before with #VodacomRugbyStats

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In what can only really be called the best sports app since, well, ever – The Vodacom Rugby Stats App is about to change rugby for us forever.

Now available in the palm of your hand, on your smartphone, you can get pretty much get any info you want on the players and teams in Super Rugby. Knowledge is power as they say, and with this piece of brilliance, we’re all about to become rugby hulks!

White darted, tagged and released by Sport24 writers.

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While the Proteas cricketers were in the bush this week, tagging White Rhinos for conservation purposes, Sport24s writers were equally hard at work tagging Jake White.

This initiative was carried out in the interest of them not missing a single thought that gets produced by White during this year’s SuperRugby campaign, which his Sharks team, are early favourites to win. Stanley Attire has more.

Whatever happened to RuggaChick?

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A couple years back, back when I was starting to get more and more into this blogging thing, I remember a full time feature of the SA online rugby landscape was a blonde chick that loved talking about rugby.

She was known as RuggaChick.

As the 2014 SupeRugby season is just days away, I couldn’t help but wonder what happened to her and her weekly videos?

The most famous 10 year old rugby player in the world!

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While visiting one of my very favourite rugby blogs, Rugby Onslaught, I came across this delightful video of a 10 year old Kiwi boy making a mockery of opposition defenses. Chicago Doyle is his name, and though I cannot confirm it, I’m pretty sure he sidestepped out of the womb…

When I was 10, we used to completely bamboozle the opposition with a simple scissors pass. This kid is on a whole other level!

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