How good was Herschelle Gibbs at High School!

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I of course am referring to him as a rugby player. Back in the colours of Bishops there was nothing like him at schoolboy level, as this video dug up by @LifeIsSavage points out.

He even side steps a border-collie at one stage. Makes you wonder what would have happened if he stuck to rugby instead of cricket. What would the rugby equivalent of the 438 game had been?
He is the flyhalf in blue in case you were wondering…

10 reasons why rugby is crap nowadays.

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I don’t think I have ever been more disinterested in watching rugby as I am now.

Sure, I’m no longer in my mid-twenties anymore, with a seemingly endless supply of beer in the fridge and single mates to boot, but the game itself is just slipping more and more into the toilet with each week.

And here are ten reasons to back these sentiments up.

Super Rugby Statsgasm.

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We have had 4 rounds of tournament play so far in the 2014 Super Rugby season, so with the dust well and truly settled, we can now have a look at the log and see who is doing what.

With the help of the #VodacomRugbyStats App, I have compiled an almost endless list of stats for you to enjoy. Let’s do this!

Ronan O’Gara – our favourite Irish sports star.

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It’s St Patrick’s Day today. Hooray. To celebrate this, I will not be going to my local dark wood infested pub for a pint of the black stuff, instead I thought it best to celebrate my favourite Irish sports star, Ronan O’Gara. Who could ever forget his dynamite performance in that second Lions Test back in 2009!

Have a good one Ronan, wherever you may be now.

Stormers – An ugly team?

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On the way to work today, in the horribly ugly, and seemingly permanent rain of Joburg, a newspaper headline caught my eye. Stormers “It could get ugly”

Now I found this intriguing in many ways. Firstly, cause I thought their play couldn’t get any uglier? And secondly, remember when they were considered the pretty boys of rugby? Well, the rot set is setting in, so let’s consider how ugly it could really get.

The Korma Chameleons – the world’s sexiest rugby team.

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Last year at the Cape Town Tens, I played for a team called the Korma Chameleons in their debut year. Led by the Arnold Geerdts of the Hash tag generation, Derek Alberts, the side has evolved since then into quite simply the sexiest sports outfit since Brazilian girls decided to play volleyball on the beach.

Be sure to follow Derek Alberts on Twitter @DerekAlberts1. Here you can apply for a Korma Chameleons trial, get info on purchasing Korma Chameleons mechandise, or simply request a signed smile from the man himself.