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Bapuma Bapuma.

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PUMA is the new official playing kit partner of the South African Football Association (SAFA), and will be beyond the next two FIFA World Cups.

The striking new PUMA South Africa Kit – which will be worn for the first time by the National A team during their next fixture scheduled for August 10 – features the very latest innovations of PUMA technology, such as performance enhancing fabric and mesh inserts on the side for improved ventilation.

Bounce back with TheBounce

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Okay so we got well and truly pumped last night by Uruguay and our 2010 World Cup dream is all but over. But all is not lost and to prove it, TheBounce is on hand to cheer away the tears, put the smile back on your sporting dial and make sure we still make 2010 the best World Cup ever.

First up, let’s not get too caught up in the ‘if we win this’ and ‘if they lose that’ stuff. Bafana didn’t look like scoring all of last night so the chances of them progressing are reliant on lightening strikes and divine intervention. This is meant to be a positive piece I hear you say, well it is, we need to positively realize that are boys aren’t quite good enough for this level – great to be a part of it, but sadly it’s men against bafanas.

I’m all for getting carried away and thinking we can win games (they are my team after all) , but the World Cup finals is a different level. They tried hard and we must recognize this, but we are a bunch of talented young guys taking on experienced international campaigners.

We are so used to our rugby and cricket teams being favourites and world leaders, Bafana are ranked in the 80’s in the world – we must not forget that. Instead we must get behind them again next Tuesday and give them every bit of support so we can finish on a high. Outside of that we must keep enjoying this amazing spectacle.

There are millions and millions of people who would sell their mothers to a life of coffee shop waitressing to be in our position and have the world’s greatest players on our home turf. Best we keep making the most of this amazing month that we have.

The flair and excitement of the Brazilians, the precision and execution of the Germans, the fanfare and drama of the English and the passion and hype of the Dutch – these are all things to be excited about.

Messi, Rooney, Ronaldo, Drogba, Forlan, Eto’o and that ginger Torres – just some of the big names that we can enjoy the talents of under our African sky. So let’s take last night in our stride, keep the fanfare and spirit going and not stop cheering, drinking (responsibly) and experiencing how fantastic our great country is.

If you get the chance to go to any of the games, take it with both hands. You will always then be able to say you got to experience Africa’s world cup and it was bloody brilliant.

If that doesn’t pick up your spirit then there is always the Springbok game this Saturday.

Like these pics, you have to see the site

Useful phrases to use with foreign supporters.

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Okay so in order to get over the sad reality that Sweden did not qualify for the World Cup and that we will not be welcoming their fans to our winter extravaganza, I have done some research to find out how to identify and interact with the foreign supporters that will be making their way over here.

Going into a World Cup without Sweden is like going into a Springbok match without Fourie du Preez.

Just a couple little home truths that we need to get out of the way. Firstly we are quite far away from the action down here at the foot of Africa. This isn’t like in Europe when you can get on a train and hey presto you have a million fans in a town. The fans coming over generally are the more passionate and die hard ones. This will rule out a fair amount of talent and sheer numbers. Secondly it is a winter World Cup which means that European’s are giving up their summers to come here. This will also reduce the number of foreign talent out and about as they choose beach holidays in the sun instead.


We are up against beach holidays and the island party scenes.

No problem though, we may not get record numbers of foreigners but this will allow us to get to know them better which is a good thing right? So let’s have a look at the kind of fans we can expect from the various countries and also pick up a few useful phrases  so that we can make them feel more welcome.


The famous union jack. The pride of the nation.

Now as we all know the Brits are a lively bunch and they absolutely love their football. They travel in huge groups and will sink a Castle faster than you can say God save the Queen. The guys are pretty up colourful too.

Useful Phrases:

‘Allo luv, fancy a lager?

Translation: Good day, may I interest you in a beer.

Alright luv, you have had a skin full already, let’s not muck about and get out of dodge while you’re still on your pins.

Translation: Okay my friend, we have had a lovely time this evening and I feel that this is the most opportune time to make our way back to the hotel.


The Italians - always a well presented lot.

Not known for their large touring fan base, the Italians will be over here to watch their boys defend their title. They are extremely passionate individuals and much like the English, they get properly into their football. Win, lose or draw – they will do it all in style.

Useful phrases:

Ciao colleghi tifoso

Translation: Hello my fellow football supporter.

La mia Ferrari è per la riparazione in modo sto usando il mio madri auto per pochi giorni

Translation: My Ferrari is in for repair at the moment so I am just using my mother’s car for a couple days.


The French. Famous for a kiss and the '98 World Cup.

The French team has been a bit rubbish since the turn of the millennium. Something which their fans have had to endure in the tournaments and friendlies that they have played in. They are drawn with Bafana Bafana in group A so best we learn a couple key phrases to make a good impression when we meet in Bloemfontein.

Useful phrases:

Je sais que mon équipe battre votre équipe, mais passons à la barre et prendre une bière ensemble

Translation: I know my team just beat your team, but let’s go to the bar and have a beer together.

J’ai entendu que l’italien les filles sont plus passionné que le français filles. Pouvez-vous me prouver le contraire?

Translation: I heard that Italian girls are more passionate than French girls. Can you prove me wrong?


Japanese girls - fun

Getting a bit of Asian flavour into the mix here. The Asian teams are still a relatively new force in the world on international sport, but after the past World Cup, the sport has certainly spread to the bajillions of people who live out that way. It will be an absolute pleasure to welcome the Japanese into our country, so best we know how.

Useful phrases:


Translation: Hello, are you having a good time?

私は職業によってトップクラスソフトウェア開発業者です、しかしあなたとあなたの友人は本当に私の場所に戻って、そして私のハードウェアをチェックするべ きです。

Translation: I’m a big time software developer by profession, but you and your friend should really come back to my place and check out my hardware.


Dutch fans - the only time that much orange is okay

There are very few countries that can match the Dutch for fanatical support and sheer strength in numbers. Creating a sea of orange wherever they go, they add so much to a World Cup. And with a similar dialect to our own Afrikaans we should really get along with them in no time. But to show you care, it is important that we fine tune our proper Dutch.

Useful phrases:

Daar, hoe gaat u die de status Zuid-Afrika?

Translation: Hello, how are you enjoying South Africa?

Als ik zou zeggen, ek dink jy is die mooiste meisie in die wereld, zou u weet wat ik “praten over?

Translation: If I were to say that, I think you are the most beautiful girl in the world, would you understand what I am saying

Yes answer from there is a sure sign that you will be drinking brandy and coke and talking about all kinds of fun things in no time at all.


So much colour, so much fanfare - It's Brazil.

Brazil are amazing on the field, and just about as impressive off the field. They have dominated the World Cup for decades and bring with them a mass of colourful supporters. Best of all, they also speak the same language as the Portuguese supporters so you can double up on the phrase use here.

Useful phrases:

Eu acho que Messi é quase tão boa como Ronaldo foi.

Translation: I don’t think Messi is nearly as good as Ronaldo was.

(Just drop the foi when talking to a Portuguese person as thier Ronaldo is current)

Tenho certeza sobresselente quarto no meu lugar para passar a noite

Translation: Sure i have a spare room at my place for you to spend the night


Zi Germans - always on the ball at the big events.

The German fans are real sports. Organised and eager to follow their team wherever, they will love it here in South Africa. The guys in particular but for reasons that we should perhaps not go into seeing as this is a family orientated blog. So let’s put our best German forward for our friends that have given us amazing cars and Heidi Klum.

Useful phrases:

Sind sie ohnehin mit Heidi klum?

Translation: Are you in anyway related to heidi klum?

Sie deutsche’s wirklich wie Wurst, sollten Sie versuchen unsere boerewors

Translation: You german’s really like sausage, you should try our boerewors.


Argentina - always favourites at the World Cup

Another one language for more here. Argentina speak Spanish so naturally Spain fall into this group along with the rest of the South American teams apart from Brazil. Argentina have the world’s best footballer in the form of Lionel Messi and a whole host of other great talents. So they should be around for quite a while as their team progresses through the ranks.

Yo apoyo Bafana Bafana, pero si yo no quisiera apoyar a su equipo.

Translation: I support Bafana Bafana, but if I didn’t I would support your team.

¿Tiene usted una vuvuzela? Usted puede volar mina si no

Translation: Do you have a vuvuzela? You can blow mine if you don’t

So many countries, so many people and now, so much to use to make new friends during the World Cup. I hope you can use this post to better your World Cup experience, if all else fails, there is no better language than broken English. A dialect made all that much easier to understand after a couple cold ones.

Weekend sports recap in 100 words – 07/06/10

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Go Bafana Bafana go, they beat Denmark 1-0 to show the world they are ready for 2010. Springboks started badly but showed great character to beat the Welsh 34-31 at the Millennium Stadium. Rafael Nadal is world no.1 again after bagging another French Open title. In golf, Justin Rose recorded the biggest win of his career at the Memorial and Graeme McDowell won across the pond at the Wales Open. England steam rolled the hapless Bangladeshis in a “cricket” match and the Proteas had a good day with the bat in their pre-test warm up against the Trinidad Board XI.

TheBounce - always keeping you abreast on what is happening in the world of sport.

The amazing 2010 World Cup Stadiums.

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Yussus but our stadiums are lekker, N’ca, kiff, TIT hot. I have put together a little guide to them for you to get to know them better, and further more, to know what games are going down at them. Further still, thanks to the incredible, you can even get a virtual 360’ view of them all like you were soma there! Nothing spared in 2010, least of all here at TheBounce. Ten stadiums in total, lets check ‘em out.

Just days now until showtime!

(click on Stadium titles to see them in 360 degree view)

Soccer City, Johannesburg

Our mother ship – the real deal Starship Enterprise of stadiums and the home of the Opening game and final to name but a few, Soccer City makes sure Africa’s first World Cup is kicked off in the grandest of settings. The capacity of this larger than life African calabash is 94 700, that is bloody massive by international standards but when compared to anything locally, it is damn near incomprehensible. No matter what time of day, or whether you see it in person or in a magazine, Soccer City is simply awe inspiring.

Pretty much the vibe - incredible!

Games to watch at Soccer City

11 June SA vs Mexico 16h00

14 June Netherlands vs Denmark 13h30

17 June Argentina vs South Korea 13h30

20 June Brazil vs Ivory Coast 20h30

23 June Ghana vs Germany 20h30

27 June Round of 16 20h30

2   July Quarter-final

11 July Final

Moses Mabida Stadium, Durban

Another new stadium built for the World Cup, and another belter. The Moses Mabida Stadium in Durban is a thing of beauty and together with the agreeable tropical climate that it resides in, it will certainly be one of the most popular settings for the 2010 World Cup. It has an impressive 70 000 capacity and a fixture list of top quality games to fill it throughout the World Cup.

The shining light of the Durban beach-front.

Games to watch at Moses Mabida Stadium

13 June Germany vs Australia 20h30

16 June Spain vs Switzerland 16h00

19 June Netherlands vs Japan 13h30

22 June Nigeria vs South Korea 20h30

25 June Portugal vs Brazil 16h00

28 June Round of 16 16h00

7   July Semi-final 20h30

Green Point Stadium, Cape Town

Arguably the most breath-taking of the World Cup stadiums, the new 70 000 capacity Green Point stadium in Cape Town will be the subject of many a helicopter live-feed shot this World Cup as it is positioned in the world-famous Cape Town city area, with the impossibly beautiful Table Mountain creating the perfect framing back drop. Wow, that could have been quite possibly the most limp-wrested sentence ever written here on TheBounce. Before I start using words like lilac and adorable, let’s see what games we can look forward to at this scintillating piece of modern design splendour. (get a grip…)

A scene to inspire a million adjectives.

Games to watch at Green Point Stadium

11 June Uruguay vs France 20h30

14 June Italy vs Paraguay 20h30

18 June England vs Algeria 20h30

21 June Portugal vs North Korea 13h30

24 June Cameroon vs Netherlands 20h30

29 June Round of 16

3   July Quarter- final

6   July Semi-final

Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth

Not to be left out of the new stadium action, P.E also now possesses a little bit of special with the sparkling new Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium. Just as well too, as the Boet Erasmus stadium is a complete toilet of a structure, made even worse by some dipshit building it east to west so the setting sun becomes a bit of a factor with late afternoon games. This new stadium has a modest (when compared to the above stadiums) capacity of 48 459 and will host no fewer than eight World Cup clashes in 2010.

Something for P.E to finally write home about.

Games to watch at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

12 June South Korea vs Greece 13h30

15 June Ivory Coast vs Portugal 16h00

18 June Germany vs Serbia 13h30

21 June Chile vs Switzerland 16h00

23 June Slovenia vs England 16h00

26 June Round of 16 16h00

2   July Quarter-final 16h00

10 July Third place play-off 20h30

Mbombela Stadium, Nelspruit

Nelspruit, a special place for tourists on the doorstep of the Kruger National Park, and also the home of the new 46 000 capacity Mbombela Stadium – a stadium which is sure to be a complete white elephant after the tournament, but one which is being used for four games during it. Apart from the wonders of nature in the area, may I suggest a little Ricki Louw and windsurfing at “Stables” after the matches. Ask any local, they will point you in the right direction.

Nelspruits World Cup home.

Games to watch at Mbombela Stadium

16 June Honduras vs Chile 13h30

20 June Italy vs New Zealand 16h00

23 June Australia vs Serbia 20h30

25 June North Korea vs Ivory Coast 16h00

Peter Mokaba Stadium, Polokwane

The capital of the Limpopo province and also a pretty wild part of the country just perfect for road-trips. Bafana just drilled Gautamayonnaise there, and the 46 000 capacity Peter Mokaba Stadium will be hosting another 4 top classes during the World Cup.

Polokwane's stunning Peter Mokaba stadium.

Games to watch at Peter Mokaba Stadium

13 June Algeria vs Slovenia 13h30

17 June France vs Mexico 20h30

22 June Greece vs Argentina 20h30

24 June Paraguay vs New Zealand 16h00

Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg.

Back to the traditional rugby stadiums now and one of the most famous the world over – Ellis Park. The scene of the famous 1995 World Cup final and venue for various other fine Springbok wins, Ellis Park is sadly more used as the home turf of the less illustrious Lions rugby team. So best you get on down there and put some life back into the 70 000 capacity stadium during the World Cup as it hosts seven matches.

Ellis Park - A proper real deal stadium.

Games to watch at Ellis Park

12 June Argentina vs Nigeria 16h00

15 June Brazil vs North Korea 20h30

18 June Slovenia vs USA 16h00

21 June Spain vs Honduras 20h30

24 June Slovakia vs Italy 16h00

28 June Round of 16 20h30

3   July Quarter-final 20h30

Loftus Versfeld Stadium, Pretoria.

The home of the mighty Blue Bulls rugby team and a rather pleasant place and area to spend an afternoon. The stadium has seen some minor cosmetic work done and with a 55 000 capacity, will more than handle any action during this World Cup. Plenty of good jols to go to afterwards too all within a free-kick or two of the stadium.

Die Blou Bull makes way for the World Cuppie.

Games to watch at Loftus Versfeld

13 June Serbia vs Ghana 16h00

16 June South Africa vs Uruguay 20h30

19 June Cameroon vs Denmark 20h30

23 June USA vs Algeria 16h00

25 June Chile vs Spain 20h30

29 June Round of 16 16h00

Free State Stadium, Bloemfontein

VRYSTAAT!!! will not be heard during the World Cup, but their fantastic 53 000 capacity stadium will be used to host six matches. Any town that is hosting a Bafana match will have a little extra gees, and with Bloem that extra little gees will be found in every possible nook and cranny. What a thought.

Freestate Stadium - eager to add to the Bafana gees.

Games to watch at the Free State Stadium

14 June Japan vs Cameroon 16h00

17 June Greece vs Nigeria 16h00

20 June Slovakia vs Paraguay 13h30

22 June France vs South Africa 16h00

25 June Switzerland vs Honduras 20h30

27 June Round of 16

The Royal Bafokeng Stadium, Rustenberg

Situated close to the pleasure oasis of Sun City, the Royal Bafokeng has one of the most amazing playing surfaces in the world and will host six fast and furious World Cup games. There will be some proper jols all over SA during the World Cup, but I think the small towns are going to offer a little something special as they become over run with World Cup fever.

Fit for a King, and just about everything else - Royal Bafokeng sports palace.

Games to watch at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium

12 June England vs USA 20h30

15 June New Zealand vs Slovakia 13h30

19 June Ghana vs Australia 16h00

22 June Mexico vs Uruguay 16h00

24 June Denmark vs Japan 20h30

26 June Round of 16

So there you have it, ten fantastic stadiums and ten places that will have the attention of the world by the bollocks for a whole month. Oh the joy – with it only days away now, that warm fuzzy feeling is starting to turn into a tornado of butterflies on speed. Let’s go 2010!