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New Zealand – Kicked in the nuts without Carter.

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I know it is only April but I am already feeling the World Cup gees developing as every bit of rugga banter is in some way or another linked to the big event. Current topics doing the rounds are Bok selections naturally and that of the actual captain too. Other goodies are:

- Will New Zealand choke like the Proteas?

- Why are there so many Northern Hemisphere refs on the panel?

- Fans will have to play ‘Grab a grunter’ when over there as Kiwi chicks aren’t too hot

New Zealand chicks - generally quite ropey...

And then there is the topic of what New Zealand will do if they haven’t got Dan Carter? This certainly has my attention right now as the answer is, well, not a hell of a lot.

The Jonny King Interview – Speaking with the enemy.

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Us South African’s bitch a fair amount about rugby here in ‘The Republic’. Well, to be fair, we unfortunately have a lot to bitch about with all our shitty politics and the fact our rugby union is run by a group of illiterate 6 year olds who seem to have discovered an endless supply of cough medicine.

SARU board meetings - chilled.

Deep down we all feel that we should be on top of the rugby world, but thanks to the intoxicated aforementioned administrators and our comical figurehead of a coach, we seem to be hindered somewhat. No such problems it would appear for our counterparts down in Frodo country though. Oh no, it seems the All Blacks just gain more and more momentum and become stronger each year with a group of confident players that thrive within a system that exhibits nothing but innovation, professionalism and good old fashioned common sense.

The All Blacks - unstoppable at the moment.

So as a change of tact here on TheBounce, as I have become particularly mouthy of late, I thought it would be a good idea to chat to an out and out New Zealand rugby fan. A man that passionately Backs the Blacks and one that is rather excited about the prospect of the elusive William Webb Ellis trophy returning to his homeland. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Mr Jonny King.