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You can’t keep Bismarck down.

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You don’t need to be an expert in forward play or to understand the intricacy of the tight 5 to realize that the current Bok engine room is rather decent. In the centre of all this lies the rejuvenated and colossal Bismarck du Plessis who reigned supreme during the grand slam tour showing the world that he is no.1 when it comes to being a no.2.

More than a handful.

With Bismarck you don’t just have a hooker that excels in traditional hooker play, you also get an additional loose forward and someone whom the opposition are conscious of whether with ball in hand or providing a brick wall in defence. I could wax lyrically about what he adds to the Boks all day long but I think you get the point. The real issue here is what this all means for John Smit?

The Springboks – let’s ask some tough questions

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Two games in the 2010 Tri-Nations and two crushing bonus point losses to the All Blacks. No need to worry or enough reason to be properly concerned? Well I suppose that all depends on how you want to look at it.

This time last year the Boks were pretty much invincible. I remember being on golf tour in Plett getting stikkend with my mates and enjoying us drilling the All Blacks like they were nothing but talented school boys. It was a good time and one which as a Springbok supporter I will always remember because the results of late have been a rather sobering reminder of how things have been for a fair amount of the last decade.

So what has changed in the past year? Has New Zealand become much better or are we just a shadow of our former selves. Let’s look at their team: McCaw his usual self, Carter still not top form and can anybody give me ten words or more to describe the abilities of Jane, Donnelly, Franks, Kaino or tell me they would want to pick Cowan, Ranger or Read for the Boks if they could. We should be beating these guys – really should.

Professional sports stars to follow on Twitter

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After my introductory guide to Twitter and how to make it work for sports fans, the natural follow up piece is on people that you should follow.

Slowly but surely SA is waking up to the power and fun of Twitter and that means that there are a whole host of cool sporting people to follow. In a series of pieces dedicated to Twitter, this one is all about the sports stars worth following. There are of course loads more than the ones featured below, but these are my favourites.


The ex-England rugby great Will Carling is an active “twitterer” and often delivers some pearlers on rugby and the general state of the game. Well humoured and very current. Provides updates during English games too.

Yes - more followers!


Not the most interesting of “Twitterers”, but rather active is A.B de Villiers. Currently in tour in the West Indies, A.B is often notifying followers on the state of things in the Proteas set up and vibe before and after the games.


Let go JP or I will unfollow you.

Australia’s brightest new rugby prospect, Quade Cooper is all over the Twitter. Often having “Twitterhoea” telling you about where he eats and what films he likes, Quade is hugely passionate about rugby in the most refreshing of senses and is entertaining to follow.


Today I am running against a cheetah.

Rugby legend Bryan Habana is another active “Twitterer” and a good guy to follow. Makes you jealous from time to time when his “Tweets” make you realize just how cool life can be when you are at the top of your game.


Shane Warne the ex-Aussie cricketer and devoted family man “Tweets” mostly about his kids sports matches and eating pies instead of fruit salad. Great guy to follow as he offers numerous insights into the state of cricket.


The Proteas Captain and serial finger breaker “Tweets” pretty regularly. Slightly more interesting than A.B, Graeme isn’t scared to have his say on this platform. Be sure to follow him in case things don’t go too well in future and he mouths off again about past players tuning even though they won bugger all too.

The only finger I haven't broken yet.


US tennis player Andy Roddick is a real funny guy. Tennis is often as boring as a Lions losing speech but Andy is the shining star of entertainment in this sport.


Springbok Captain John Smit is a part time “Tweeter” providing gems from time to time. Difficult to expect anything else from a legend of a rugby player and as a person. Looking forward to his “Tweets” when the Springbok season gets underway.

Followers - John has a fair few.

Greatest (modern) Springbok team of all time.

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Rugby season has officially come to a close and despite a rather disappointing end of year tour, we really mustn’t forget that this was one of the greatest Springbok seasons of all time.

With Springbok greatness in mind, I have selected what I think is starting line-up for the Greatest Springbok team of all time. This is indeed always a near impossible selection process when you consider the greats that have donned the jersey, but my criteria is simple.

All players selected represented South Africa from 1995 onwards. Any rugby before that simply can’t be compared to the game we enjoy presently as players are now bigger, stronger, faster and generally a little more skilled in order to keep up with the modern game.

My side has a very present day look to it but the bottom line for selection here is, if you were to choose a player in their prime and to full fitness, who would they be?

1: Os du Randt

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