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2011 in review – Player / Nob of the year

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The final instalment of our 2011 review and it is onto the individuals who stood out. More specifically the players and nobs of the year, the guys that impressed and the guys that infuriated. We all have our own heroes and villains, and this year we sure were exposed to more than enough to justify an entire piece to them.

drum roll...

Let’s get started with the good guys.

Weekend sports recap in 100 words 05/07/10

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The 2010 World Cup just keeps dishing up non-stop action and dominated the weekend’s proceedings. Much fancied Brazil were sent home by the Netherlands who blew them away with a dynamic second half performance. Uruguay cheated their way into a penalty shoot-out with Ghana after Suarez thought he was a goal-keeper, from there Ghana sadly missed three penalties to bow out. Germany bent Argentina over their knee and gave them four of the best while Spain outlasted Paraguay to progress to the semis. Rafael Nadal won his second Wimbledon title with Serena Williams out-muscling the ladies in the other draw.

When Fed was Nadal's age he had won 5 Grand Slams, this was slam no.8 for the Spaniard.