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It all comes down to this – England vs South Africa.

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Let’s forget about SupeRugby, forget about The Open, forget about the Olympics and forget about Minki van der Westhuizen being married again (sorry, last one still a tough one to deal with for me) – there is only one thing to worry about right now and that is the start of the Test Series between England and South Africa.

Oh how I want to beat you – with a stick….

Not only does this return beautiful Test cricket to our sporting diets, but it also pits the two best teams against each other in a battle that has the cricketing scribes around the word pounding away at their keyboards like Geoffrey Boycott did his ex-girlfriend back in the mid 90′s. So with all things set for a Clash Royale – let’s see how the two teams fare on paper before running out onto the grass.

An innovation in Test cricket – The JugCam.

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I got a bit of heat over this on Twitter yesterday so I felt a blog post was well within order to elaborate on my idea. Now before those who took offense throw their last mince pie at their computer that I’m writing about this, hear me out, this could be a great addition to Test cricket.

Sweet jugs.

Nowadays you can’t go to a match in any sport without people crapping on about innovations in sport or what will help the game appeal to a wider audience. Well below is my little idea for Test cricket in SA.

The Teaser Test Series – reminding us what cricket is about.

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1-1. The result of a Test series which in my mind was so much more significant than anybody may have thought. As everyone calls for a third and deciding Test, I’m actually glad it stopped at two as it has just proven what I have been saying all along. Test cricket is ultimately what it is all about.

1 more, it's what everyone wanted.

We are made to believe nowadays that this T20 bollocks is the future and that Test cricket is dying a slow death. Bullshit, sure the crowds aren’t always great over all the days of play, but saying Test cricket is dying because bums aren’t always on seats is like saying the Ferrari 458 is a rubbish car because it has limited boot space! T20 is a prostitution of the game that hides behind the do good concept that it takes the game to the masses. Take it to the masses, well if the masses can’t appreciate the Test series that just took place between South Africa and Australia, well then they quite frankly don’t deserve the great game. Test cricket isn’t dying, it’s excelling at awesome and what we just witnessed confirms that

The weekend at the Wanderers.

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As I mentioned last week, the Wanderers is my favourite cricket ground in South Africa, and with every visit I become more and more adamant about that. This past weekend I took in the sights and sounds of the Test between SA and Australia there and had an absolute CRACKER of a time doing so.

Not only were two of the best teams in world cricket battling it out in cricket’s premier format, but a lot was being done for breast cancer too with Saturday being made an official pink day in support of the Jane McGrath foundation. So I ‘Pinked Up’ and got on down there.

SA vs India Test Series preview.

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Only a matter of hours now until the eagerly awaited Test Series between cricket’s two best sides gets underway. It is South Africa vs India and below is all you need to know to warm you up for a contest so hot and spicy that you will want to enjoy it with naan bread and a fair helping of icy cold beer.

So hot you're on fire!